Sunday, February 17, 2008

Screens, laptops, "usba", RAM, Hard drives, ect.

Thank god my birthday isn't next week or even next month because the list of things that I have compiled that I need is starting to overflow my brain and the little post-it note that I have it all scribbled down on. All the stuff I need computer related or not is just staring to get overwhelming and actually getting it all will be a very confusing path. Birthday, random incomes, Christmas, or even a job (which i so desperately need); are just many of the numerous ways for me to obtain things. Thank god for is the list of "stuff" that I think I need :)
  1. Solid State Hard Drive to supplement my two existing internal hard drives (225GB and 8GB) and my external hard drive (500GB)
    1. Don't even get me stared on what size I should ask for/ buy
  2. Wireless headphones for my computer. I have a Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro attached to my computer (via usb) and the supplied headphone and ear buds are too long because they were designed to be attached to the back of the computer but, let it be, I have ports on the front. So when I'm rolling around my room I am constantly rolling over the cord and getting it stuck in the wheels of my chair.
  3. An "usba" or usb hub. I am now running out of USB 2.0 ports on my computer. I have a external hard drive, a printer, a web cam, and a thumb drive that are all usb and my computer has 7 ports (4 in the back, 3 in the front). I'm starting to run out of room! Maybe I might even have to get a 3.0 hub (gotta stay with the latest technology).
  4. Another GB of ram for my computer. My computer is ok but when I start video IMing my friends my computer goes down the toilet. The addition of the video im makes it so much harder to do simple tasks such as open Microsoft Word or watch a YouTube video.
  5. Another monitor for my computer. I currently have a HP vs17 on my computer with built in speakers but when I start doing multiple things on the little 17in screen, real estate starts to go way up. I'm looking at a Dell 19in 1908WFP Wide Flat Panel which has multiple usb ports on the side (Yay!)
    1. Along with the screen comes the task of buying another video card (Boo)
  6. And finally an EEE Pc from Asus. This would make life easier because I could bring this tiny little laptop on vacation with me when I need to do homework or other little tasks. It also comes with a built in web cam and has a solid state hard drive so it can survive those little falls.
That caps off my list for now. Check back later to see if the list grows or maybe even shrinks....

--Jerry Smith