Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000

Today I was gifted a Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000 Keyboard and Mouse. Out of the box it was nice. The keyboard is ergonomically approved. There is a raised palm rest and a bent keyboard. There is also some accessories along the top (Media Controls, Customizable Links, and other assorted controls). The raised palm rest is a issue because my keyboard shelf does not always open all the way and I can't fit my hand under the bar to type so I have to pull out the keyboard all the way and the grip needed for me to do that end ups with grease or lubricant on my hands. There is also and enhanced f-key bar with shortcuts to commonly used items. The mouse is a 5-button laser with a four-way click wheel. There is nice response time and is pretty accurate. My overall first impression was good but I think that the downward slope of the keyboard will be annoying and that adjusting to the side buttons on the mouse will take some time. I think that this was a good gift and that Microsoft makes nice wireless keyboard combos. Check back later for more updates.

View photos here !!

--Jerry Smith