Friday, March 21, 2008

Register your #Jerry nickname

So you have been in and out of my chat room enough to the point where you know you'll be here everyday and you don't want anyone to steal your nickname, or you just plain don't want anyone to steal your nickname. Well then here is a way to register you nickname so that only you ,or whoever you give the password to, can use it.

  1. Log-in to the chat room with the nickname your want to register. To find out how to log-in refer to this post.
  2. After you have chatted with the nickname your want to register for over 120 seconds enter
    /msg nickserv REGISTER the password you want to use your email address
  3. Click "Send" or hit enter
  4. A new window should open and say <NickServ> Nickname your nick here registered
  5. Just click the little red X under the word "TFLASH" in the upper right hand corner of the chat box
  6. Continue chatting as normal
Note: The next time you log-in you must enter the password you supplied in step 2 in the password (optional) box.

Have fun chatting and please donate to WyldRyde (our chat provider) to keep these FREE services running.