Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Blue

Hut…Hut…Hike! As many of you know the local New York Giants have made it into Super Bowl XLII. I'm sorry to inform you but my stance is, “THE GIANTS HAVE NO CHANCE.” I don’t think that the Patriots came all this way to lose to a team the beat a little over 3 weeks ago. Yes I know the Giants have been on a roll and the Pats haven’t been doing so well. But, just think a minute. The Pat’s won in the last game of the season. They already knew that they were in the playoffs and that they were probably in the Super Bowl so they didn't have to try their hardest. Some can say that they were going for an undefeated season and were actually trying but that is not my belief. My final prediction for the big game. Pats over the Giants 42-41.

Kick Start

Hi all this is my first blog entry and im starting one now so that I can get in the habit of regularly updating and giving me something to do in my life on top of my other 8 trillion and 2 commitments. I will try to incorporate as much as I can into my blog. If I ever get a moment alone in my house I might record a video blog….as of now don't count on that. Technology, sports, football playoffs, anything playoffs/championships, school, and anything else I feel like commenting on or bragging or bashing on. This is a first for me, and I want to make it a weekly and eventually daily occurrence. Have fun reading.

--Jerry Smith